Animal communicator, medium and author.

With me, Astrid, you can make an appointment for Animal Communication or a time for Spiritual Guidance. I am a certified animal communicator and medium with mental mediumship, educated by Margaretha Tärnström a well known and trusted medium.

Animals have had a big place in my heart since childhood. I grew up with, in my opinion, the most beautiful German Shepherd. He was loved and a member of our family. The connection with him inspired me to become an animal comunicator. 

Before becoming a medium and animal communicator, I worked as a dental nurse for 13 years. I enjoyed my work and the experience it gave me working with the patients. All the knowledge that had to do with teeth I found very interesting. 

I have also worked for 14 years as a lighting artist, photographer and photo/film copyist.

Animals have always been close to my heart. I have felt that it has been important to connect animals with my children, as the contact, energy and love between them never goes away...

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The joy of working with both humans and animals is absolutely fantastic. Both the spirit world and our animal friends provide messages and information that provide insight and a source of inspiration.

There are a plethora of different associations and organizations that we can support in one way or another. We need to make sure that all our animals remain with us, from our insects to the earth's largest animal, the blue whale. The important thing, I think, is that we do something anyway.
I promise it will feel good in your heart.

Astrid Hagelskog Evans